Connectivity services for patients in Hospitals and Health Centers.

Effective connectivity for patients, visitors, doctors and health personnel, is one of the demands that the new normality demands, not only in the field of entertainment, but in the internal area of the hospital that allows to give a quality service.

Nimbus Networks works on the best solutions for the Healthcare market.

Having adequate bandwidth, secure Internet access with good capacity, speeding up data processing, allows better diagnoses and standardizing health systems to monitor patients in real time, remote health, virtual clinics, data collection, among other activities.

We work to offer these and more solutions and allow doctors, health personnel, visitors or patients to have a satisfactory connectivity experience in a hospital to meet their needs.

We adapt our solutions to
the most demanding segments.


We offer internet service in hospitals to visitors, patients and medical staff.


Free service or with cost, limiting it by bandwidth, time, users, applications, among others.

Tailor-made solutions

Our solutions are adapted to the client’s needs in terms of infrastructure and make economic sense.


We provide a solution that allows authentication of the service, based on a data-base of both staff and patients, establishing different conditions of use.

Our solutions for healthcare

Review the solutions that Nimbus Networks has especially designed for the healthcare industry, we adapt to the current and future needs of your clients.