CloudOne TV

Is a Digital Video Distribution platform that offers its customers the best personalized experience from the TV in the room.

We took television to the next level, interactive television.

ALL your services and amenities on a single screen

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Room service

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Imagine your customers finding everything when they turn on their TV and enjoying it from the comfort of their room…

CloudOne TV is a new formula in the market, ready to transcend and lead your hotel to position itself among the best due to the experience of your customers in their encounter with an innovative connectivity and interactivity solution.



A client deserves a personalized welcome and attention from the moment he/she arrives at the hotel.


The customer can choose the language of his preference for his convenience.

Data Monitoring

You can monitor data to know what your customers like, statistics, connectivity levels, applications and usage times.

Tailor-made proposals

  • Budgets adapted to your needs.
  • Payment options.
Improve your connectivity today