Teachers and students use technology in their day-to-day work so Wifi is an essential tool.

Having access to a network in an educational system, besides bringing benefits to the teaching-learning processes, can generate opportunities for knowledge and development of digital skills in students.

Nimbus connects the campus from start to finish.

Enhancing the educational experience with an innovation tool.

The services and applications that require an Internet connection have grown exponentially so it is essential to have an Internet service in schools that allows students and teachers to carry out their daily activities.

Today the best tool for education
is a first class connectivity service.

Connectivity challenges

Today’s schools are more challenging and high performance connectivity and internet is a key factor in retaining and enrolling new prospects.

Security and filtration

This service must comply with basic characteristics in order to establish safe content attached to the educational institution.

Tailor-made solutions

Our solutions are adapted to the client’s needs in terms of infrastructure and make economic sense.


We also have the possibility of generating an Active Directory interface of the client so that the authentication to the service is carried out by means of the enrollment, date of birth or the information defined by the client.

Our solutions for education

Review the solutions that Nimbus Networks has especially designed for the education market, we adapt to the current and future needs of your clients.