CloudOne Social Media

Knowing the trajectory of your communities and understanding your customers allows you to design effective campaigns

Get the most out of information gathering

Knowing your customers, understanding their behavior and interests allows you to provide them with the best experiences

Advantages of using CloudOne Social Media

Data classification

Individual data, submitted by users, is classified and unstructured data segmentation is performed.

Segmented Marketing

Marketing campaigns can be generated through banners, bouchers, mails, targeted notifications, triggered by a login.


Progressive profiling

Request for additional data to that obtained from the RRSS with triggers and with the possibility of rewarding through satisfaction surveys.


Single sign on SSO

Reward your loyalty circles and allow your guests to enjoy permanent network connection without authentication in all chain properties.




Differentiated access according to the profile of your customers focused on the most used social networks.


Customer loyalty

Through survey results you can generate marketing campaigns or lists in an automated way to obtain better results and customer loyalty.

Real-time measurement

Identify customer communities, understanding the trajectory in real time, generate databases and in turn effective campaigns.

Tailor-made proposals

  • Budgets adapted to your needs.
  • Payment options.
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