CloudOne Guest Cast

Is an innovative, simple solution for your customers to stream their own content from their devices to the TV in their room.

We make technology simple, so that your customers

have a memorable experience that feels like being at home.

Advantages of having CloudOne GuestCast


The easiest way to stream series, movies or your favourite shows from your device to the TV in the room.



No special configuration on the device is needed. Stream your content without quitting other apps.



Stream from your favorite platform.



Compatible with Android and iOS devices. Seamless integration with pre-existing gateway and networks management tools. Easily integrated with the manufacturer, brand and vendor of your choice.



Simple and secure

It does not require the guest to download any additional applications on their phone. The software integrates the Google Chromecast device into a simple and secure system. Chromecasts and a Guestcast Server integrate seamlessly to any Wifi network.

Easy connection

Guests simply scan the QR code associated with their room with their device.


Remote Control

The best transmission through the remote, fast and safe installation. Its design and materials allow easy cleaning with disinfectant products, avoiding the risk of contagion.

Tailor-made proposals

  • Budgets adapted to your needs.
  • Payment options.
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